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Fri 29 May 2015 in Cambridge, UK:
52.8535762, 0.7959648

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In a field east of RAF Sculthorpe Airfield, Norfolk, UK.



Hash two of two spanning midnight. ETA 00:00. 2015-05-28 52 1 2015-05-29 52 0


On this expedition I overshot my turning and accidentally revisited 2012-11-04 52 0 while doing a u-turn.

There were helicopter night-training flights as I arrived. These ended at midnight and 15 minutes later I had located the hashpoint following tractor tracks through the maturing wheat. The terrain was dry and easy to follow.



Sourcerer earned the Midnight Geohash achievement
by reaching the (52, 0) geohash on 2015-05-29 in the middle of the night.
Sourcerer earned the Serendipitous Retrohash Achievement
by accidentally revisiting the 2012-11-04 52 0 (52, 0) geohash on 2015-05-29.

Expeditions and Plans

San Francisco, California Codae On a walking path by Lake Merritt in Oakland, California.
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Seattle, Washington Thomcat The corner of Logan Park, in the Alderwood Manor neighborhood.
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Cambridge, United Kingdom Sourcerer In a field east of RAF Sculthorpe Airfield, Norfolk, UK.

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Sourcerer's Expedition Links[edit]

2015-05-28 52 1 - 2015-05-29 52 0 - 2015-05-30 52 1 - KML file download of Sourcerer's expeditions for use with Google Earth.