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West of -30°: .8178974, .6972230
East of -30°: .8846775, .3346916
Globalhash: 69.241946319673, -59.511012670984 (GeoNames)

Photo Gallery

Expeditions and Plans

Springfield, Illinois Mystrsyko, Dolphintreasure Just off Veterans Parkway in Springfield.
Chicago, Illinois Mystrsyko, Dolphintreasure, OtherJack Just inside a building along Archer Ave in Brighton Park
Buffalo, New York Pedalpusher In a driveway on Transit Rd, by Cazenovia Creek
Portland, Oregon Jim, Shmur In an open field just off the west shoulder of NW 26th Ave, Ridgefield, Cla...
Paris, France Dunaril In passage Lepic, 200m away from the famous Moulin Rouge in Paris! And conv...
Pforzheim, Germany RecentlyChanged Malsch, near Karlsruhe.
Swindon, United Kingdom Geeoharee Next to a hedge, in a field, in a place called Rousham Gap. Just two fields...
Norwich, United Kingdom Sourcerer, ChromeCrusaders In a field next to the Bittern Railway, 60 metres from a public footpath, S...

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