2015-05-25 50 13

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Mon 25 May 2015 in 50,13:
50.9588443, 13.5133527

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Today's location is in the Tharandter Wald forest near Grillenburg. The spot is only a few meters from the Triebisch creek.

Country: Germany; state: Sachsen (Saxony, EU:DE:SN); district: Sächsische Schweiz-Osterzgebirge



Towel Day! I didn't want to hitchhike so I took my bike for this expedition. The route was first a boring ride through Dresden, then for a long while along a state road through Freital (and past the 2014-11-25 50 13 hashpoint) to Tharandt. Then the horror started. Until Tharandt the cycling hadn't been any special, a bit uphill, a bit downhill, streets of varying quality, just kilometer after kilometer. But at Tharandt a very long incline started, more than 100 meters elevation difference in about one mile, on a winding road where the cars went very fast. I made progress only very slowly, needing to push the bike for long parts or having to stop to catch my breath and rest my heavy legs after only one minute of cycling. I was suffering heavily. Even when I reached the top of that hill (after about 25 minutes!) where the route was almost flat I was very weary and each meter was difficult. Then the road went downhill for a while and all I had to think about was that I would have to climb this hill on the way back, too! Finally I reached the start of the forest track which passed the hashpoint. It was a nature trail but I wasn't in the mood to read the signs. I left my bike next to the "wood defects" sign and started to walk through the underbrush towards the spot. Only a few minutes earlier the clouds had opened up and the forest was bathed in sunshine. It was very beautiful. After 50 meters through the underbrush I came to the Triebisch and realized that it would be difficult to cross without falling into the water. I went back to the bike, then followed the track for 100 meters where another track crossed the creek. Now on the correct side of the creek I walked through the underbrush again. Finally I reached the spot, in the middle between fallen logs, ferns and tendrils. Scott and I both celebrated with our towels. After a while I went back to the bike and started the return journey. Somehow I was suddenly full of energy and I had no problems climbing the slope. Then I raced down the steep incline that had troubled me earlier at 55-60 km/h, needing less than 2 minutes. Wheeeee! The road to Freital was no problem either, I rode all the way at almost 30 km/h even though it was mostly flat. In Dresden I didn't have that much energy left but I still arrived home in a much better condition than I had been earlier.

Danatar earned the Towel Day achievement
by reaching the (50, 13) geohash on Towel Day with that accessory you should never go without.
2015-05-25 50 13 hp.jpg
overview of nature trail  
"wood defects"  
almost there  
blocked by creek  
the hashpoint  
Not panicking!  
Scott doesn't panic either  


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