2015-05-25 46 -120

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Mon 25 May 2015 in Yakima:
46.9588443, -120.5133527

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East of Holmes (and south of Ellensburg) on Tjossem road.



Scout it out on Sunday morning, then revisit Monday late afternoon on the way back to Seattle (with Towels of course!).


Scouting went well; it was a nice sunny day and we put down chalk (as documented in photos below).

The return visit, on towel day itself, went fairly well. Had we but known there was an extra hour of traffic ahead of us, I might have continued south from Ellensburg and taken a different pass to the west. Ah, regrets.

Anyhow, there were reports of a thunderstorm (or certainly heat lightning) and apparently a fair amount of traffic. The chalk signs were quite worn, though still visible. No additional markings had appeared, so we suspect nobody else stopped by.

I assumed the pose at the location selected by the Sub-Etha Sens-O-Matic, but alas was not picked up. Fortunately, the earth was also not destroyed on this particular towel day, so life (and geohashing) continues.




Thomcat earned the Towel Day achievement
by reaching the (46, -120) geohash on Towel Day with that accessory you should never go without.
2015-05-25 46 -120 thomcat 1432592845133.jpg