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Sun 24 May 2015 in 48,8:
48.4497151, 8.6774815

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Horb am Neckar


RecentlyChanged (talk) 09:54, 23 May 2015 (EDT)


I will get up really early in the morning and take the motorbike. It will be a long and beautiful tour! I try to be at the hash at around 12 pm, because I have to go on, I will visit a friend way further in the north.


  • I'll be there way earlier then I thought I will be. I started around 7 am and had a nice tour until now. Now I'm eating breakfast and thing about my plans for today. First: I have a map with me with good streets for motorbikes, I will look it up to have more fun then the big boring street I am on now. Second: I am way earlier, I'm probably able to make the 49 8 hash too. Or the 48 9... -- RecentlyChanged (talk) @48.3128,8.5698 08:30, 24 May 2015 (CEST)

I went out of my home at around 7 am, ate something for breakfast in Aistaig, then made a detour over Alpirsbach and Freudenstadt so I would not be to early. Somewhere around there my left turning light died off. That especially annoyed me because I would have been able to fix it if I had not forgotten the little light bulbs at home, I even remembered them the day before.

Then I was going to Horb am Neckar, but 500m before the hash I was forbidden to go through at the Altheimer Straße. It is forbidden on sundays for motorbikes, probably because of the noisse they make. But I found a (more or less legal) way around and after the hash I just drove the few meters. Slow and silent of course!

Next point was Altensteig, where I refuelled my bike (around 12€). I went then over Pforzheim, Bretten, Bruchsal on to Angelbachtal. And was there around 1.30 pm. Around 3 pm we went biking for another five hours. There I found out that the reserve of my gas tank doesn't work, that wasn't nice.


No tracklog, because I was afraid the battery of my smartphone wouldn't make it. But you will see an approximate route in the links. This is the way to the hash and this is the way to my friend. Both approximate!



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