2015-05-23 50 10

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Sat 23 May 2015 in 50,10:
50.4992878, 10.8056535

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In the forest near Waldau, Thuringia.



A bunch of geohashers (Juja, Manu, Reinhard) and their affiliated (J, Bergie and Pico) stayed in Schleusingerneundorf that day which was only a handful kilometers from the geohash. It was the 1st very good and reasonable opportunity for Pico's first geohash visit. She was born only 19 days ago on the 4th of May. Manu and Reinhard decided their family would take the car close to the geohash while Juja and J preferred to enjoy the sunny weather cycling. They started earlier and also reached the hashpoint first and afterwards sat down on a bench in the sun to wait for the four others and accompany them on their walk (1.3 km) to the hashpoint again.


Manu and Reinhard earned the Youngest Geohash honourable mention
by geohashing on 2015-05-23 with their daugher "Pico", aged 19 days.


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company at the point: Juja, J, Manu, Bergie, Reinhard with Pico