2015-05-23 45 -122

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Sat 23 May 2015 in 45,-122:
45.4992878, -122.8056535

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In the Beaverton Bed, Bath, and Beyond pillow section on Mouseover day!



Jim: Go by after the Farmer's Market



I found my way there after the market. I started outside first, hoping it might be close, and so that I could get a distance to the back of the store in case I had to go inside where I wasn't expecting GPS reception.

I walked up to the wall, and it said.... 31 feet!

Too far away, I fear So I went inside. (I needed something from the store anyway.)

I finally found the emergency exit door I'd seen from the outside, and then looked in the correct direction. I noticed I was getting some GPS signal, but it was acting wierd. So, I counted 31 paces from the back of the store and went to the wall.

The GPS still wasn't happy. I switched from distance mode to coordinate mode, and did the GPS dance but never got right on it. However, I went all along inside of the wall that I had hit 31 feet when outside, so I did get close enough.

I made my purchase and headed for home, checking on the way if anyone else had interest in Mouseover Day, but there were no responses.

The 5000s

Following the recent flamboyant demise of the 5000 Geohashing Expedition Vehicle, Mrs.5000 has a new car and was itching to get her some hashpoint. Therefore, we hopped in for a tour of the western suburbs, to include a stop at Bed! Bath! and Beyond!

Big-box stores probably aren't overbuilt in the roof, and in any event we got pretty good signal inside the store. We were pretty confident to within five feet in the pillow department, taking a few pictures and leaving a few calling cards. We were either there too late for Jim to see the evidence, or I did too good a job of making them inconspicuous, or I didn't do a good enough job of making them inconspicuous and they got tossed by store employees.



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