2015-05-17 45 -122

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Sun 17 May 2015 in 45,-122:
45.4769379, -122.8741651

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Near Farmington Road in Beaverton



I am hoping to go by the hashpoint on my way home from the airport.


Well, the first attempt at this hashpoint was very unsuccessful. It was an hour when reasonable people (and geohashers, who may not fall into the earlier classification) would be asleep. The hashpoint was close to a cul-de-sac. I looped around and noticed it was maybe 60 feet to the hashpoint from the travel lane, so I had little hope at that point.

A couple of days later I was in the neighborhood again, so I figured I'd try again to see if it had drifted in a good direction. It had drifted, but in the wrong direction. It seemed to be 100 feet away now, so I decided against knocking on the door to see about wandering around in the yard.


  • No Trespassing