2015-05-13 47 -122

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Wed 13 May 2015 in Seattle:
47.7941752, -122.1811098

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On 39th Ave SE near 224th St SE in Canyon Park.



Stop by mid-day and leave a poster or two nearby. If dry enough, chalk the street also.


As the first picture from my office parking lot indicates, it was definitely damp. Some would say actively raining. Also while driving out of the complex I spotted a bird in the local creek. Egret? See closeup below.

Reached the street of the hashpoint easily, no chalk on this wet rainy day. I might have even driven through the point, but a lot of people milling about meant more eyes on the road than on the geohashdroid. I took the first left past to examine 38th Ave SE, which on the google satellite view looks like just trees. Indeed it is no longer trees but a street lined with houses. Ah, development.

Coming back to where the people milled, I parked and milled with them. Waiting for other geohashers? I suspected not. Instead I worked my way to the hash point, snapping a photo and handling uploads.

Next the thing they were all waiting for roared north. Many parents moved over to collect their little ones, fresh from a pre school or kindergarten. Families now complete, they took to their individual vehicles and left me to my geohash.

I then put up a few posters for the neighbors or anyone else who arrives, then headed home. The dampness continued into the evening, with a light rain falling all through the baseball game I officiated.

Here's hoping we have a drier weekend!