2015-04-18 47 -122

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Sat 18 Apr 2015 in Seattle:
47.1620383, -122.1700695

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The middle of a house in Bonney Lake



Drive-by after game night on South Hill, Puyallup.


Pretty much went as planned. The mountain was out, looming on the horizon as I drove down 167. Snapped a photo for upload along the way.

Games we played include:

  • Castle Risk - I've owned it for a decade but never played it. It is quick, but still has some bad qualities of Risk. Going to put this one in the Garage Sale pile
  • Red November - A friend (and birthday boy) brought this, but hadn't played it. I've played once, so I taught and a group of 5 played... and didn't win. This is a semi-cooperative game, and the game won this time (as it does most times).
  • Niagara - Capping the night with a quick game, I taught and 5 of us played. It was so popular 4 of us played again. This is a competitive game about collecting gems and not falling over the waterfall.

Now after midnight, I hustled off to what is now today's hashpoint. While driving I thought to myself "If something catastrophic had happened to the house, I could reach the hashpoint, otherwise this was a no trespass (and no ambassador at 1 am)." Reaching the house, I found that nothing had happened, and no ambassador it was. Headed home, arriving around 2 am.



Thomcat earned the Geohash 10K
by participating in an expedition on the day the community reached 10,000 geohashes (47, -122) geohash on 2015-04-18.