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West of -30°: .1680874, .7005970
East of -30°: .7079838, .1690045
Globalhash: 37.437078285612, -119.15838927854 (GeoNames)

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Expeditions and Plans

Rochester, New York Hic Sunt Laganum Cul-de-sac housing
München, Germany DODO In the middle of a wheat field south of Neuburg an der Donau.
Bonn, Germany FarFarAway Hash is in the South of Bonn in Bonn Oberkassel
Nordhausen, Germany GeorgDerReisende The hash lay in a small forest of firs near Dorste.
Bielefeld, Germany Jan, Fippe located next to the Autobahn 1 on a field near Märschendorf.

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