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Sun 5 Apr 2015 in 50,8:
50.1333651, 8.2982086

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Pretty much on main street in Naurod next to a gas station in front of a house.



Good weather: check. EmmJay needs some fresh air: check. Don't know what else to do with ourselves (don't get us wrong - there's tons of things we should do but hey): check.


The hash was really close by so we jumped in the car after lunch and headed out. On the way there we passed the Wilhelm Kempf House and decided why not shoot some stuff in Ingress (because, you know, one GPS based game is never enough). A couple of minutes later the portal was down along with a number of fields surrounding it - mission accomplished, tons of AP gained. Bu wait, what's that? The portal has immediately gotten claimed again by the opposing faction? Turned out that two other players had arrived at the scene seconds after we tore down the portal and were waiting for us at the parking lot :)

Fortunately nerds that play Ingress and Geohashing are usually friendly people so we had a nice chat for a while. We eventually mentioned Geohashing and that we were on our way to get the local one in Naurod. Turns out that's where they live and in fact only a couple of houses from the hash so they spontaneously decided to accompany us. Yay for dragalongs and potential new players :D

The hash was ridiculously easy to get so we took a stupid grin shot of the group and parted ways soon after because the other guys wanted to get some more Ingress portals in the area (stay away from our home turf! ;). Until we meet again .. har har har ...


Didn't bother this time.



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