2015-03-22 48 17

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Sun 22 Mar 2015 in 48,17:
48.0718751, 17.1057869

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Near the Austrian-Slovakian border in the fields next to a highway ramp.



This is the follow-up hash to the 2015-03-22_48_16 Vienna expedition. After successfully completing their marathon in the woods they went to pick up 'Datschech' and continue to the next hashpoint at the Austrian-Slovakian border.


After touching base with the Vienna hashpoint they packed up and slowly made their way back to the northern districts of Vienna to pick up their friend and fellow hasher 'Datschech'. Traffic was slow due to lots of people returning from their weekend trip back into the city. As it was getting dark they reached Bisamberg, a sleepy little town on the north-west border of the city. After a little castling of seats in the car they drove off to Bratislava to get to another hashpoint which seemed to be conveniently located next to a highway ramp. The ride went pretty smoothly while they were exchanging jokes about how B2c kept confusing the Czech Republic with Slovakia and other everyday stories.

When they where closing in on the Slovakian border the satnav of course had to pull some quirks and steered them off the highway too early, piloting them through the little border town of Kittsee and through some backalleys. When they finally approached the hashpoint near the highway ramp, driving carefully not to miss the hashpoint, they nonetheless missed it as there was no place to park the car. Cursing silently they had to continue onwards to Bratislava where they took the next-best highway exit and were able to u-turn an drive back. This time around they were prepared: on approach B2c parked the car right on top of a restricted area in the middle of the highway ramp intersection and turned on the emergency flashers. They cautiously proceeded to cross the highway, jumped over the guardrail and walked down the slope through some shrubbery towards the hashpoint. Although it was around 8 pm and pretty dark already they managed to make it to the hash in no time, took the mandatory stupid grin selfie and quickly made it back to the car. Not one moment too early, as a police car was passing by them shortly after, whose passengers surely would have been interested in the doings of our happy-go-lucky band of hashers.

After those exhausting expeditions they found that they deserved themselves some refreshments, so after driving back to Vienna and stashing the car in the hashcave they proceeded to the next pub and ordered themselves some beer and burgers. Cheers!


(!) This is the tracklog for both the 2015-03-22_48_16 and 2015-03-22_48_17 hashpoints.

2015-03-22 4817 tracklog2.png


Geohash Droid Post[edit]


Datschech earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (48, 17) geohash on 2015-03-22.
Crankl earned the Meet-up achievement
by meeting Datschech at the (48, 17) geohash on 2015-03-22.
Datschech earned the Meet-up achievement
by meeting Crankl at the (48, 17) geohash on 2015-03-22.
Micsnare earned the Drag-along achievement
by dragging Datschech to the (48, 17) geohash on 2015-03-22.
Micsnare, Crankl, B2c earned the Multihash Achievement
by reaching 2 hash points on 2015-03-22. It's a Double Hash.
Micsnare, Crankl, Datschech and B2c earned the Border geohash achievement
by crossing the Austria-Slovakia border on 2015-03-22 to reach the (48, 17) geohash.
20150322 4817 border.jpg