2015-03-22 34 -118

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2015-03-22 34 -118 Bravissimo594 1427084378882.jpg

Sun 22 Mar 2015 in 34,-118:
34.0718751, -118.1057869

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The hash is in the middle of the bus-lane exit from eastbound Interstate Highway 10 to Del Mar Avenue in Rosemead. Los Angeles graticule



  • I plan to pass through the hash point on Metro bus line 487 that leaves Union Station at about 9:21pm. -- Bravissimo594 (talk) 23:05, 22 March 2015 (EDT)


I made a loop from Pasadena to Los Angeles Union Station by way of the Gold Line and then back up to Pasadena on Bus Line 487, which passes through the day's hashpoint. At Union Station, it took a bit of a search and some question-asking to find out where to catch Metro Bus 487. The lines that use the El Monte Busway do not pull into Union Station at all; passengers board at the on-ramp from Alameda St. I got to that stop with plenty of time to spare before the 9:21pm bus arrived and got to watch one or two other lines load up before #487 arrived on schedule. I was the only one to join the driver on this last run of the night for this bus, and no one joined us at either the stop for LAC-USC Medical Center nor at the Cal State LA stop.

So only the bus driver and I zoomed through the hashpoint on the exit from the Busway to Del Mar Avenue. We then followed surface streets for the half-hour route to Sierra Madre Villa Station in Pasadena. The driver seemed a bit confused as to why I would take his bus from Union Station to Sierra Madre Villa Station when the Metro light-rail Gold Line could get me there so much faster. So as not to distract him from his driving, I did not explain geohashing to him but instead told him that I just wanted to make a big loop.

An older couple boarded the bus as I left, so the driver had company for the rest of his trip. -- Bravissimo594 (talk)



Though I logged many miles on public transport, I did drive from my house to the origin of my trek, so I do not qualify for the Public transport geohash achievement. -- Bravissimo594 (talk)