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Sun 22 Mar 2015 in -27,153:
-27.0718751, 153.1057869

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On a residential street corner in Ningi, north of Brisbane



So, I'd been down to Brisbane from Darwin to visit some of my buddies living there now. Mandatorily, this involved checking where the geohashes were, particularly since I'd just missed out on an awesome one near Darwin I could've got to had I been up that way. And sure enough, there was one not too far off the path of where we had planned to go walking that day.

After the walk up one of the Glasshouse Mountains, I think it was Ngun Ngun or something, with buddies Tim, Bec, Liz, Katheryn and Patrick, we drove in two cars towards the hash area. The rain poured down, as it always does when I'm in Brisbane, and we both stupidly missed the turn-off. But doubling back and heading into the bland, soul destroying urban sprawl of Northern Brisbane we quickly rounded on the hash point. Since my usual app was no longer working, I had to force everyone to stand around in the rain looking at baby cane toads while I made sure we really were at the right spot, and eventually I decided, 'Good enough' so we left.

After a swim and beer on Bribie Island, Katheryn and Patrick got excited with their new Android Geohashing app so we decided, much to Tim's annoyance, to swing by the hash again so they could register it on their new accounts. By this time it was dark, and still raining. Plus, there were residents in the house just behind the hash watching TV and wondering why their dog was so barky. With some frustration we waited around in the bushes until both phones told us we were within 2m of the hash, declared success and went back to Brisbane, where all of us except Liz ate Indian Takeaway at a bar in West End.


Here is the route of our trip.



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by dragging Tim, Bec, Liz, Kathryn and Patrick to the (-27, 153) geohash on 2015-03-22.
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