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Sat 7 Mar 2015 in 47,8:
47.3495836, 8.2750481

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A parking lot in Wohlen AG.



  1. Take IC from Berne 7 at 7.04pm to Olten.
  2. Take RE from Olten 4 at 7:35 to Aarau.
  3. Take S26 from Aarau 4 to Wohlen, arriving at 8.11.
  4. Walk to the hashpoint.
  5. Proceed to Zurich via Dietikon (S17) or Lenzburg (S26).


12'000 people weren't exactly a large protest, but given that it was hard these days to get people to do anything remotely political in Switzerland, the demonstration for equal pay for women could be considered a success. The people dispersed much faster than anticipated, so Calamus decided to leave Berne earlier than planned and even caught a direct train to Aarau, from where it was a short ride to Wohlen.

Wohlen has about as many inhabitants as the canton's capital (which still wasn't much more than there'd been people at the protest), and so Calamus, having never even heard the name, was a bit surprised at its size. In spite of a minor GPS malfunction, the hashpoint was easily found: The parking lot of a restaurant.

At 7pm, the time he'd originally intended to leave from Berne, Calamus was already back in Lenzburg, about which he wasn't too unhappy, as it was already getting dark and cold.


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