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Thu 5 Mar 2015 in 47,8:
47.4277491, 8.3520480

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Near a garden in Killwangen.



  1. Catch S12 train from Stadelhofen 1 at 2.38pm.
  2. Arrive in Killwangen-Spreitenbach at 3.04.
  3. Walk to the hashpoint, preferrably using the eastern approach (west looks proprietary).
  4. At the very latest, return with the S12 at 3.53 to ensure connection to Berne.


It had been long, far too long since Calamus had fallen into hibernation. And as the cold and ice finally made way to a bit of warmth and sunshine, Calamus decided he should go get a few hashpoints. Killwangen-Spreitenbach in Argovia seemed like an easy enough place to reach a point, so Calamus got his camera and GPS and squeezed the expedition between two appointments. There wasn't anything you could unlearn about geohashing, was there?

There was. Not getting out of a conversation quickly enough, Calamus missed the train and had to take the next one. On the train, he switched on his GPS too late for the signal to be ready on exiting, and at first had no safe knowledge of his exact position. And when he tried to take a photograph of Spreitenbach to show it was nicer than it was often claimed to be, the battery was down because he hadn't checked it. Of course, he hadn't checked the height map either, and therefore ascended a very steep and high hill (pant pant pant) only to realise he could easily have circumvented it.

When Calamus arrived at the hashpoint, it was right next to some stables. Fortunately he could approach it from outside the area without trespassing. Unable to take a picture, he considered the tracklog the best proof he could get and returned. Having taken a later train than he'd planned, this meant he needed to get a move on. Of course he managed to get lost multiple times on the short way, so it was at the very last moment that he caught the train and continued his day.

Well, no proof this time, but at least Calamus felt back on track again.


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