2015-03-01 50 13

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Sun 1 Mar 2015 in Most:
50.9960394, 13.8743223

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Today's location is in a field next to the Elbe river in Dresden.

Country: Germany; state: Sachsen (Saxony, EU:DE:SN); district: Dresden; Ortsamt: Leuben; Stadtteil: Kleinzschachwitz

Weather: Clouded, 8°C



This hashpoint fell in the 50 13 part of Dresden, a rare opportunity that I couldn't let pass. The problem was that I was on the night shift again, which on weekends means work from 8 p.m. to 9 a.m. and the time between shifts is strongly needed for a bit of sleep. Sleeping didn't work too well though so I started out at 16:15, cycling along one of the large roads that run through Dresden until I came to the Kleinzschachwitz (yes, Kleinzschachwitz is a name and it is difficult to pronounce even for Germans) ferry and "ferry house" restaurant and beer garden where I have been before. From there I followed the Elbe for a short while until I was near the hashpoint. It was in a field with small plants but they were soft and the ground was wet from the rain so after circling the field I could take a few careful steps into the field without damaging them. I only took a few pictures (even forgetting to let Scotty out of my backpack) before I started the return trip. This time I stayed on the Elbe Cycle Route for a while longer, taking a different route than on the there journey.

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Kleinzschachwitz ferry  
Pillnitz Castle from the 18th century  


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