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Wed 25 Feb 2015 in 44,11:
44.3887025, 11.4125312

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Right on the ridge between Zena valley and Idice valley




This looked like an easy expedition, being just a few kilometers out of Bologna urban area, along a road where I often go biking in the summer.

Hence the plan was for a quick before-work detour but, because of the rain and a road landslide, it turned into quite a challenge; I guess it counts as a significative first-ever geoHash -I still have to browse for proper geohash categories and achievements...


After driving to the road landslide I parked and decided to try by foot, all in all it turned out to be a one-hour walk on steep, MUDDY hills, under light rain; luckily I have extra shoes, socks and pants in the car trunk!