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Fri 13 Feb 2015 in 50,11:
50.9176924, 11.3014347

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The hash lies near Hengstbachhof located in Hetschburg.



Have a look if probably using it for a geocaching mystery as final location.

Expedition crissar[edit]

Had a walk with the whole family. Started at parking ground near the villages restaurant. Passed by the Hengstbachhof and had a look to the many horses that still were outside. Arrived at ground zero, but had serious problems to fix "0m" because of bad conditions for GPS receiving. But finally made it with my Garmin Oregon.

Expedition Reinhard[edit]

While Manu and Bergie already started their weekend driving to Erfurt, Reinhard was still at work and afterwards had to follow his family cycling the 50+ km through the night. Hetschburg is about halfway on his standard route between Jena and Erfurt, so this hashpoint was a must-visit. From the bike path he usually doesn't use it was only 560 m on gravel roads to the point. In the end ground get very bad (for a road bike) with bigger rocks that made Reinhard walk for some meters. When it was only ~20 m to the spot, a watercourse crossing the path was blocking the road. Reinhard's mind was tired and needed a couple of seconds to find the best way to cross the water without getting wet feet: cycling of course! When reaching the closest point at the road, the GPS still told something like 10 m and the exact position was displayed some meters up the slope to the left. Reinhard started into this direction, but GPS reception was poor enough to have the opposite effect. After trying to get closer for a while, Reinhard was satified with a 10 m shot and headed on to Erfurt. Back in Hetschburg he suddenly realized he didn't wear his cycling goggles and remembered clipping it into his bottle holder, when it was fogging at the hashpoint. Chances were good he lost it just after heading on which would on the one hand mean a small searching area, but on the other hand mean a long way back, including all the bad gravel. Indeed, he lost it close to the hash, even had to cross the watercourse twice again ...

Tracklog Reinhard[edit]

Strava activity

Photos Reinhard[edit]

Coordinates reached.  
Watercourse as seen from the hash.