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Sun 1 Feb 2015 in 50,11:
50.8372956, 11.4917132

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On a field near Großkröbitz that might be very muddy or snowy, depending on how lucky I am.


  • Juja and the April Hare


Geohashing is perfectly useful on days like this, when one doesn't really want to go biking (2°C, light snow grains) but the point would be just within reach, so of course I had to go, too close to miss and everything. So I went out on my first real bike tour of this year, hooray!

This was a great exercise: 20 kms of monotonous snowy fields, but at least the roads were free of snow and there was no wind - the roads on the high plain around Milda can be pretty nasty when it's windy. This was the first time in my life i visited Großkröbitz. It's a dead end, only inhabitants and Geohashers ever go there, and the whole village seems to be specialized in fluffy ponies - at least I saw a lot of these.

Then I had to leave the road and use fieldways which had snow on them - but again I was lucky, a huge tractor had been there a short while ago and left a wide skidmark. Normally I would be annoyed about the destroyed way but now this made cycling barely possible - the mark was just wide enough for me and my bike.

Like that I got 380m near the point (another way would have passed it even nearer) and then walked over a snowy field. A deer was waiting for me to direct me to the Geohash, where it joined another deer (the Earliest Geohasher) and left me. My winterproof little April Hare marked the point, then we went back home and enjoyed a hot tea to restore our body heat.


20 kms of this, now that's training!  
The skidmark that made cycling possible.  
View back to wintry Großkröbitz.  
The point lies about 380m in this direction.  
A deer is waiting to show me the way.  
Deer hurrying to be the Earliest Geohashers.  
Reached the Geohash point.  
The April hare found a footprint that's neither hare nor deer.  
An extraordinarily fluffy pony.