2015-01-27 -34 -58

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Tue 27 Jan 2015 in -34,-58:
-34.8411961, -58.1846586

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Parque Pereyra Iraola, what seems to be a nice park that I didn't know it existed.



Visiting the location from my workplace in my lunch time.


As DrBer said in his planned expedition, hash points usually fall in water or private property, sometimes in dangerous places.

Today, the hash point fell in a public place, Pereyra Iraola Park, which I didn't know existed and seems to be a nice place to visit, just 30 km from my work place. Almost perfect!

All excited by the idea, some research showed me that there's *no* direct road to the hash point, the fastest one being a highway with 4 tolls, taking at least 50 minutes to get to the hash point, and I can't just disappear from work for 2 hours. Some further research in my wallet showed me that I just don't have enough money to make that trip today :-P

Well, it sucked, but at least I found a nice place I'm certainly going to visit; I also realized that, if I could leave work to go lunch 30 km away just for the sake of it, I could go lunch from time to time with my grandma, too, who lives much, much closer from my workplace. She will be happy that I'm geohashing.