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Sun 18 Jan 2015 in 50,8:
50.2551586, 8.3731073

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On a field or a path near Niederems


and, independantly



I might visit Bad Camberg and/or Idstein on my way back home. Between these two towns lies the small village of Niederems, where I can reach todays hash by a small walk.



I left my mothers home at 2 o'clock and instead of the shortest way on the left side of the Rhine I choose to drive along the motorway A3 on the right side. I left the motorway at Bad Camberg and had a short stop to visit this town (where I've never been before). After ten minutes in the town I think that I had a good enough impression and drove on to Niederems, a very small village in the valley of the Ems. My impression from google maps was a wide rural valley, but in reality the valley was quite steep and so I had to mount some hills again. After a short while I reached the hashpoint and took some pictures. I found no hint that there were any other hashers. So I was very surprised that I haven't been the only one there today (but to tell the truth I didn't leave any mark either).

I returned to my car quickly and had another stop in Idstein(where I haven't been before either), another town just 10 KM from the hashpoint and near the A3 again. Idstein was much bigger and much more interesting than Bad Camberg and had a castle and a lot of frame houses. After a while I continued my journey back home.

The Rest[edit]

It's been ages since we visited the last hash. So the group decided that it's a great day to do that again. We had a nice little walk and were totally unaware that Dodo is heading our way as well. Shame that we didn't meet :)


DODO: 3 KM walk and additional 30 KM detour by car


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