2015-01-02 42 -85

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2015-01-02 42 -85 1.jpg

Fri 2 Jan 2015 in 42,-85:
42.9918102, -85.6353643

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Sidewalk in a residential neighborhood, Grand Rapids, MI, USA



Easy detour between bus dropoff point and home, and remarkably close (about 4 blocks away) to 2014-08-09 42 -85. I tried to recruit Pat again but he didn't see my invitation in time. It's dark at 6 pm here so the photos are not thrilling, but I tried to get a shot of the moon through the mist. GPS was annoyingly inconsistent about the precise point, jumping by 5 m or so. The best I got was 0.7 m between the north sidewalk and the street.



Mcbaneg (talk) earned the Frozen Geohash Achievement
by reaching the (42, -85) geohash on 2015-01-02 while the temperature was 29.6 °F.