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Thu 1 Jan 2015 in 51,12:
51.3362715, 12.3794324

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The geohash is in the center of Leipzig.

Who Went[edit]

TheOneRing - by public transport.

The Expedition[edit]

Happy New Year altogether.

Despite the fact, that a Midnight Geohash would have been appropriate, I went on the tour in the afternoon. I started around noon from my parents' and took a train to Leipzig.

From the Central Station, it was about 850m to the geohash as the bird flies. Let's do a guided tour: first, I passed the Augustusplatz with the Gewandhaus, University, and Opera. The new main building of the university (Paulinum) is shaped roughly like the old University Church. The old church was dynamited by GDR's socialist regime in 1968.

The Gewandhaus is a concert hall, opened in 1981. It is noted for its fine acoustics. I'm glad that I already attended two performances, because it is a very nice concert hall.

Right behind the Gewandhaus in a small park, there was the geohash. I left my eTrex at home, so I used my mobile phone with this app for this Windows Phone 8. I struggled a little bit with the accuracy, but finally the coordinates represented my location. They were next to a memorial of Otto Koch, a former mayor of Leipzig. The statue itself was not visible as it was inside its winter protection. Of course, I took the usual photographs, and continued my tour through Leipzig.

Anyone read Goethe's Faust recently? Leipzig is a location of a scene in the book, the Auerbachs Keller, and at the entrances there are figures of that scene. It is close to the market place with the Altes Rathaus. I walked a little bit further and approached the zoo. I saw some zebras from the outside, standing in the snow. Probably not the usual conditions for zebras.

Finally, I walked back to the Central Station and took a train to my parents' home.



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