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Thu 25 Dec 2014 in London West, UK:
51.2358031, -0.6704015

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In woodland between Wanborough and Christmas Pie, west of Guildford, Surrey.



MrsBenjw and I are staying with her family for Christmas, in Guildford. I habitually get up very early, but it appears they don't, so I popped out for a morning's geohashing and caching expedition. I'd seen, the previous evening, that the hashpoint was a mere 5.25 km from the house, so it was nice to get out for a nice easy trip. The weather was lovely, too: chilly, but clear and sunny.

It was a little too far to walk in the time available, so I drove, calling in at Guildford Cathedral for a photo on the way. The village of Wanborough was easily found (I used to live around here, so I know the roads quite well), but I couldn't find a safe parking spot, so I drove on to the next village to turn round. This village turned out to be called Christmas Pie, which was very apt today. I stopped for a quick geocache and then turned back towards the hashpoint.

I parked in a small lay-by just past the hash, and walked along the road. There was little traffic today. At about the point when the road came closest to the hashpoint, I found a convenient path to take, which turned into a wide, clear strip through the woods; probably an old vehicle track. This came within 30 meters of the hashpoint, and the woods were quite sparse, so I found it quite easily, and didn't even get muddy shoes (which was good, because I'd forgotten to bring any spare shoes with me for our few days away).

I was particularly pleased to note the presence of both holly and ivy at the hashpoint, which along with Christmas Pie made it a very suitable hashpoint for Christmas Day.

After a few photos, I walked back to the car. Apart from a quick diversion into Wanborough for another geocache, I then drove straight back home to help with Christmas lunch.

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Only the usual one today:

Benjw earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (51, -0) geohash on 2014-12-25.
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