2014-12-13 44 11

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Sat 13 Dec 2014 in 44,11:
44.4419590, 11.3161601

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A hill in close proximity of Paderno: a small town on the hills near Bologna.


Kleon and a few friends who haven't made accounts yet. I don't think they will even read this. Hi Lorenzo!


We met in Bologna and Alberto drove us to Paderno. From there we walked along the border of a field until we found a spot to cross a creek. After walking for a little in the woods (there were many tracks of wild animals that distracted me along the way), we found a path that brought us into a range of 30 meters from the hash. It was on the side of a hill without much vegetation. After taking some photos we got back following the path we had found previously until we got back to the street.


tracklog here



Kleon earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (44, 11) geohash on 2014-12-13.