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Thu 4 Dec 2014 in 53,9:
53.7328422, 9.9270106

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On a meadow near Quickborn.




Koryu will go there between work and band rehearsal and be there around 1900. Will not stay long because of limited time though. He'll go as close as possible by car and take the rest by feet, if it's not to wet.


Koryu: As promised, I went there by car after work and drove by car on a dirt road the closest to the geohash. There was a woman with a dog passing by wondering what I did there standing around, taking pictures. Unfortunately they didn't turn out well, because it was already dark.
I consider the expedition a success, even though I didn't reach the hash exactly, because I like driving off the beaten path and see what there is to discover. Even if it's just a dirt road, some trees and a dog leading it's human friend to the next territorial mark.