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Mon 1 Dec 2014 in 59,18:
59.5568028, 18.0458788

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Vallentuna, 30km north of Stockholm




This was a spontaneous trip to the Hash.


My wife asked if we had any plans on the way home and I said "Sure, we are visiting today's Geohash" as a joke. And she just responded, "Ok, I'll sleep in the car" to my surprise. So we made a small detour from the way home and stopped on a small road going to a large bakery. Unfortunately they don't have any shop for customers. I jumped out of the car and started walking out in the mud before i realized that GZ was ON the side of the road. I put up the poster on a pole that is marking the roadside for the snow removal. The picture (lights of the bakery is all that can be seen) was taken and uploaded before we went home. My wife didn't even wake up at the stop.