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Tue 25 Nov 2014 in Most:
50.9824698, 13.6209428

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Today's location is in a steep wooded hillside at Freital, near the Freital-Hainsberg West train station.

Country: Germany; state: Sachsen (Saxony, EU:DE:SN); district: Sächsische Schweiz-Osterzgebirge.

Weather: Overcast, around 5 °C



This hashpoint was not only in a district I haven't been geohashing in, but also so near both to Dresden and to a train station that I just had to visit it. Time was a problem, though, because I had to be at work at 11:30 already to do some stuff before the late shift. I set my alarm to 8 o'clock and started at 08:45, cycling to the Dresden main station. There I took the 09:07 suburban train... but wait, I had to validate the ticket first! And from my experience (see former expedition reports) I knew that this couldn't been done on the trains. At least I was prepared and had a multi-trip ticket ready. A nice guy told me the validating machine was at the beginning of the platform and he held the door open so I could run there and back to the train. The trip to Freital-Hainsberg West was quick and I arrived there after about 15 minutes. My plan was to walk the 200 m to the hashpoint in the forest near the station, take the usual pictures and walk back to take the return train at 09:36, 14 minutes after my arrival.

When I got out of the train one tiny missed detail of that plan was obvious: I hadn't taken a look at the terrain mode of the map, so the very steep hill was a surprise. When I arrived at the edge of the forested area I found an incline of more than 45°. I walked the few steps to the small creek that went past the hashpoint and saw that it was only a tiny runlet about 30 cm across, so I took a large step over it and walked a dozen paces along it until I was directly below the hashpoint. With careful steps I walked over a thick layer of leaves up the incline, it went better than expected. Then I was at the spot, hooray. I took pictures of the GPS unit, myself and the area, then I walked down the hill again, only once slipping barely. I hurried back to the train station, but I could hear the train's arrival and it was already at the platform when I came near. My multi-trip ticket was used up, so I slowed down, deciding to take the next train 30 minutes later. I bought a new multi-trip ticket, which was a bit difficult because the ticket machine didn't recognize my 10 Euro note (it was one of the notes with a new design introduced in September and of course the machine wasn't ready) and I had to pay by card. Then I walked back towards the hashpoint, climbed the hillside again, marked a tree and took more pictures. This time I got a bit of dirt on my jeans when I slipped. At 10:06 I took the train back to Dresden and cycled home.

unexpected hill  
steep hill!  
view to hashpoint  
coordinates reached  
the hashpoint  
not my return train  
minecart remembering famous citizen Wilhelmine Reichard, baloonist  


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