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Mon 24 Nov 2014 in 50,7:
50.7474913, 7.1132647

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On a path in Vilich-Rheindorf (Beuel, Bonn). map and GPX file



Arrive there after work, by ÖPNV, trying to get Turodagnir to move. Try to be there around 19:00 CET, in case someone else wants to meet up.

As it's just around the corner for me, I'll try to be there at 19.00 as well!


After putting the wrong coordinates in twice, I arrived at the hash at around 19.10 CET. Looked for signs of the others but did not found any traces. I then proceeded to trample a square metre of mud/grass to mark the hash. As I am used to the beautiful view over the river Rhine and as it was dark I did not take any pictures though.

Took the bus to Konrad-Adenauer-Platz and walked from there.

The location was a small path on the side of a… dam?… which had a rather broad tarred path too. But GZ was “downstairs”, and about 2m off the trample path.

Since I had my own self-made GPX, I had no such problems. I arrived there after geocaching, got to ±0m on the GPSr at 18:49 CET, and waited, with Turodagnir (whom I did manage to get moving :D), until 19:01. Then we went back “upstairs” but did not see any trace of FarFarAway, so we left for more geocaches. We did not mark anything except what our soles had already done in the mud, and did not take any photos (with an 1.3 Megapixel camera in the dark, this is about the quality you get).

We got back around 19:45, and saw a plush bunny-or-something lying on the tarmac “upstairs”, but rather close (about a dozen metres at best) to GZ. Maybe someone else had been there?


lost due to app crash ☹