2014-11-19 60 22

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Wed 19 Nov 2014 in 60,22:
60.4226984, 22.5185215

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In Ex-Piikkiö, nowdays city of Kaarina.




I had noticed that today's hashpoint landed to a very easily accessible location next to a busy road leading from Turku to Helsinki. After 21 o'clock I was lying on a sofa and decided that a small expedition might cheer me up. So I jumped to my car and drove some 10 kilometers to Piikkiö. I left my car next to R-kiosk and walked approximately hudred meters to the hashpoint. As I had previously studied, the point was only one meter from a cycleway on a grass. It was dark but there were streetlights at the location. Only two cars passed me while I was trying to get as close to zero as possible. It was very easy this time because there was plenty of room to move and there were no trees or buildings which might have interfered GPS reception. Eventually I was happy with the location, shot some pictures and drove back home. Not a very thrilling geohash this time but doesn't matter.