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Wed 5 Nov 2014 in 59,18:
59.1387225, 18.0323577

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Tungelsta, a southern suburb to Stockholm, Sweden




This will be my fourth hash ever, and third hashing day in a row. I'll take a long lunch break and go there by car and will walk the last kilometer as it seems like you're not allowed driving on the nearest road. Will unfortunately not be able to be there at 16:00.


The weather was not so funny today. Cloudy and 4-5 degrees. But this was the third day in a row where the hash was quite easy to reach for me. I took the car the 40km to this Geohash on my extended lunch break. The last bit was on a small muddy dirt road. A barrier was put on the road about 1½ km from GZ. I parked the car and continued by foot when it started to rain a little. On the barrier it said "Warning; moose and boar hunting in the area", so I made sure I was visible and in no way could be mistaken for a moose (or boar). After about 1 km on the muddy dirt road I had to continue in the forest and over a swamp. City boy as I am I only had sneakers on me. The boots was still in the trunk of the car. *SIGH* I tried reaching the hash anyway and I almost did it without getting all wet. On GZ I put up the poster for the day and took some pictures. Then I walked/jumped back to the road and I must say that I'm impressed with myself for getting back to the car in so good condition as I did. Then a quick stop for today's Geocache before heading back to work after about 2 hours lunch. Unfortunately I couldn't visit the place at 16:00 as supposed to.