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Mon 3 Nov 2014 in 59,18:
59.3296737, 18.1449406

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Gärdet, which is a park like area north east of center of Stockholm, Sweden




This will be my second Geohash ever. I have started to check the daily geohash to see if it's nearby. This one is only 10km from my work and I'll visit the place during lunch


During lunch I took the car and parked near the coordinates of today. After a short walk for about 150m I found myself standing on Ground Zero. I put up info about geohashing on the nearest tree and I took a selfie with that tree in the background. Then I continued to pick upp my "geocache for the day" which was about 140m away from GZ. I know that I was a bit early as the standard meeting time is 16:00 (4 pm), but today I'm busy at work then. I hope that somebody else will be there at that time.