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Sat 1 Nov 2014 in 47,8:
47.4224011, 8.6065222

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In a field in Dietlikon



Saturday meetup in Dietlikon! I'll be there at 2pm.


I haven't been hashing for quite some time, so i was glad to see that the coordinates for this saturday fell not too far from town. I set the time for 2pm, but nobody replied, so i went there alone. Calamus, where are you? The hashpoint was in a field in Dietlikon, not too far from the last hash i've visited in Wallisellen. I took a train to the nearest station and walked there. On the way was an enclosure for some goats. It was a nice sunny and warm afternoon. Close to the hash lies a property of the 'Rabbit and poultry breeding association of Wallisellen'. Lots of cages there with all sorts of birds. I didn't see any rabbits, though.

I found the hash in the field quite easily. The old app to show coordinates didn't work anymore on the new iOS system, so i had to download a new one, which works even smoother and faster than the old one. During my stay on the spot, several airplanes flew over the place on a very low altitude. The hash lies directly under a departure corridor of the airport. When taking off south, planes have to make a sharp left curve, for whatever reason. So lots of planes flew directly over me in a very steep lateral position, which looked fairly impressive. And it was loud like hell.

I took a few pictures and went home. It was my 20th expedition, and they were all successful so far!





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