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Fri 24 Oct 2014 in 52,10:
52.1565371, 10.0531705

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The hash lies in the fields south of Bettmar.

This means the Bettmar lying near Hildesheim. At the same national road exist an other Bettmar, near Vechelde, 23 km eastward.




Hitchhiking to the service station Hildesheimer Börde and walking to the hash. Arrival at about 13:30.


I left home at 9:25, started to hitchhike at 10:00, got a car after 20 minutes to the service station Göttingen, there, after five minutes I got a truck to the service station Hildesheimer Börde. There I arrived at 12:00. Then I walked to the hash. I arrived and found it 20 meters in the field. It was fresh seeded and the ground was wet, so I didn't try to walk onto the field.