2014-10-03 51 9

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Fri 3 Oct 2014 in 51,9:
51.5482709, 9.4160036

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The hash lay on an edge of a field behind Hümme.




I wanted to hitchhike to Hümme.


I took the bus 100 to Espenau-Schäferberg and walked to my usual hitchhiking place at the beginning of the national road B 83. I found it blocked by roadworks. I couldn't find a workaround (or wayaround), so I gave up.

2014-10-03 51 9 GeorgDerReisende 7626.jpg 2014-10-03 51 9 GeorgDerReisende 7628.jpg 2014-10-03 51 9 GeorgDerReisende 7629.jpg
the B 83 is blocked here for road works I had a very good view to an empty national road View to Espenau, but I didn't want this, I wanted a view to another place