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Sun 28 Sep 2014 in 52,0:
52.1497133, 0.1861790

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A field just south of Wandlebury, outside Cambridge.



Some of us are going to be at the hash point at 4pm on Sunday 28 September 2014. It is very easy for people in Cambridge, just off the A1307, near some woods and near Wandlebury Country Park. Buses 13 and 13A (and possibly others) will take you to near there (stop "Wandlebury, nr Fort") from many places in the city centre. There are a couple of nice-looking pubs nearby too.

UPDATE: We are at Wandlebury and still planning to go. ETA 1645-1700. Tongs (talk) 11:10, 28 September 2014 (EDT)


I think I never updated this page because at the time there were big difficulties with the wiki. However, I can confirm that we did it and got there. We went to the country park and did some geocaching and then headed down a lane, and into a field. M and B went for the final point while T and F turned back. Nothing of massive import happened, at least as I recall, nearly a year later. How time flies!