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Fri 19 Sep 2014 in 47,16:
47.8867517, 16.6346360

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Into the cornfields. Again. Sigh.
Todays hashpoint was situated about 60km south-east of Vienna near Donnerskirchen at the Neusiedler Lake.



As Patrizius was away on a business trip at Düsseldorf, B2c called on his trusty friend Micsnare. She happily joined in as everyone knows by now, B2c was hopeless without a human satnav telling him where to go. The hashpoint was located south-east of Vienna in a field, so they expected no major surprises.


They met up early at the hashcave as both of them had to attend to other business in the afternoon. They decided to take the A4 to the east and then follow the Neusiedler Lake southward up until Donnerskirchen, from where it would be only a couple of minutes to the hashpoint. The A4, crowded as ever, delayed them for quite a bit, but as soon as they entered the federal roads it went pretty good for them. After about an hour they parked the car near some vineyard, jumped over a small ditch and ventured into the cornfields to grab today's hash. Afterwards B2c attempted a(nother) Tron Achievement, as it seemed possible to get home without crossing their tracks, alas there was a technicality... let's not speak of it anymore.





B2c earned the Consecutive geohash achievement
by reaching hash points on 17 consecutive days starting on 2014-09-03.