2014-09-14 51 8

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Sun 14 Sep 2014 in 51,8:
51.6255643, 8.4690962

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The hash was located just 3km west of Geseke on a (farmers-) field. And something about 20km from my home.



I red about Geohashing one week ago, and since then started watching my graticule for a hash near my home. Today it was just 20km from my home, nice weather and very easy to get by. "Best conditions to lose my geohashing virginity" were my thoughts, and oh what a pleasant experience it was!


I mounted my fellow car, and went off enjoying a nice sunday sun on my skin. After no more then 17 minutes I arrived at the field on which the hash was located. Because I didnt want to trample the field to much I decided to take a little path between two fields to get nearer to the hash. On that little path there were some trees and bushes which gave shelter to four(!) hunter stances. I found a feeding station, probably for deers nearby, and small artificial pond. Was that a public bath for deers? After arriving next to the hash I took my grin-selfie and left from the other side of the field. Saw a Deer and two wild Rabbits on the way. Nice experience. Will definetly hash again! :-)