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Fri 12 Sep 2014 in 60,24:
60.1145202, 24.4651157

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On a swamp with some trees and low undergrowth. less than 200 meters from a highway. Kirkkonummi, Espoo.



Nebini's plans[edit]

Should be easy to reach after a work day. There is a place to park a car 500 meters from the hash and only the last 100 meters should be on the swamp.


Nebini's report[edit]

Route used by Nebini

Another swamp expedition, like the 3 previous hashes which I did reach :)

After turning off the road 51 I followed 2 other cars to the Drusibackantie, noticed the missign sign and thought that it must mean "No thoroughfare to Peuramaa golf". Getting near was straightforward, just typical small residential road. On the other end of throad the sign appeared to indicate "service access only". Since I was now on a permissible road, I thought, parked the car. After leaving the car and walking along the Helsinki-Hanko highway 51 on the other side of the wall. Things looked this will only take like 5 minutes. After wandering off the paved roadside the ground turned unstable.

First 50 meters off the wall were easy. Then the swamp started..

The swamp was kind of unusual, I'm used to see such swamps only near the coastlines, long reeds and no haircap moss. This swamp was not a korpi type swamp as I thought when planning the expedition. A cross between letto and luhta types swamps would be more correct. This equates to much more water than I expected. Fortunately I brought wellingtons with me. The last 30 meters took over 15 minutes because finding suitable footing was tricky at times and I had to turn back few times to search for a route with not so much water.

The haspoint was located on a not so wet island in the center of the swamp. On the island and around the area there were many depressions and paths where mooses have spent time. Few moose droppings were also found.

Getting back to the road took around 10 minutes. A stick to probe the water would have been a helpful accessory.

When driving back I didn't notice the third sign which stopped Pastori from approaching the hashpoint.


Nebini's view on walking back to the road.


Pastori's photos[edit]

Nebini's photos[edit]