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Sat 6 Sep 2014 in 47,9:
47.6391881, 9.5978058

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In a forest near Tettnang.



As almost always I planned to go by bike.


After a stressful week I forgot to check for the upcoming hashes of the weekend. I finally thought of it on Saturday at around 14:00 o'clock. To my enjoyment I saw the hash just about 15km away and since I just repaired a flat tire on my bike this morning I thought this would be a good trip to test my work.

So after checking for a route and preparing my equipment I finally started shortly before 3p.m. So I actually would be at the hash at the meet-up time. I think that's my first time. So nothing really spectacular was happening. I went by a lot of apple and other fruit plantations.

The last 50 meters I walked, the GPS had some problems but eventually I found the spot. I wandered around the hash shortly before 4p.m. Since the mosquitoes were attacking me like crazy I decided to leave as fast as possible. So I took some pictures and made my way back on a different route.

All in all a short and nice 35km tour with nice weather.


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