2014-09-01 44 -121

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Mon 1 Sep 2014 in 44,-121:
44.0341211, -121.7300125

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Just off Soda Creek Trail, Deschutes National Forest, South of Broken Top and the South Sister.


Expedition 1[edit]

Expedition 2[edit]


Expedition 1[edit]

Second day of two day hash.

Sunday will drive to Bend on 20, stopping at the Wiley creek road to do the hash.

After overnighting in Bend, I'll go on to the start point, pray for a parking space, and hike up to the hash point. Satellite says it's all slash, I hope that's not true, that could be slow going.

Expedition 2[edit]

We're heading back to Portland from the La Pine, Oregon graticule and saw that this was quite easily doable!


Expedition 1[edit]

After driving to Bend, I now have a better understanding of what I'm seeing on Google maps in the area, and realized I was seeing the results of forest fire.

Since such areas are off limits (trudging across the burned landscape disrupts the healing ecosystem) there was no point in continuing.

So I called it off. With no reason to stay in Bend overnight, I turned around and came home.

Expedition 2[edit]

After a nice drive up the Cascade Lakes highway, we stopped at the Green Lakes trailhead under the shadow of South Sister and Broken Top. We took the lesser-used Soda Creek trail for about half a mile and then took a short jaunt off of the trail. The hashpoint was in a denser group of smaller trees.



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