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Wed 27 Aug 2014 in 60,22:
60.4336937, 22.1677110

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Island of Ruissalo, Turku




I noticed that a hashpoint has again landed on one of my favorite spots in Turku, island of Ruissalo. It had been a rainy day but in the evening rained stopped. There was some time before the sunset, so I decided to visit the point before it gets too dark. I left my car at the Botanical Garden's parking lot and started walking. I had taken a look at topographic map of the location back at home I found out that there is a path leading quite close to hashpoint. Unfortunately, I chose the wrong path first. After finding out that I am heading to the wrong direction, I turned back and finally found a narrow path. At some point I had to leave the path and walk some thirty meters in the bushes. Terrain wasn't very easy and I had to walk around quite a bit to find the zero point. There are a lot of oaks n this region and some gust dropped some water from the leaves on me. After taking some pictures I tried to follow my footsteps back to the trail but somehow I managed to go 90 degrees to the wrong location. Bit more bushwhacking and I found a road which led me back to my car.