2014-08-24 45 -123

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The Hashtree

Sun 24 Aug 2014 in 45,-123:
45.6193152, -123.0633142

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On a rural road just north of the junction of U.S. 26 and Oregon Highway 6.



Expedition 5000[edit]

After a long drought of accessible hashpoints in the region, the appearance of this one made my Sunday plans for me before I was fully out of bed on Friday morning. It was an easy matter to reach the hashpoint, under its delightful huge hashtree, and take a few photos. This set the stage for running on the nearby Banks-Vernonia Trail and a Sunday drive through the little towns of Yamhill County. Splendid.

Expedition Two[edit]

Jim had also noted the apparent accessibility of this hashpoint, and figured he'd wander by after the Farmer's market.

And he did.

The other item of note were the grapes growing nearby.



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