2014-08-24 -12 131

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Sun 24 Aug 2014 in -12,131:
-12.6193152, 131.0633142

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In the aftermath of a prescribed burn south of Humpty Doo.



Not long after my resounding triumph at the Darwin Sewage Treatment Plant I discovered this little gem: a hash in the bush, not too far from the road, riding distance from Darwin and on a weekend. Unfortunately, my folks were in town and I was a bit iffy if I could abandon them for roaming off into the wilderness for no discernible purpose.

As it happened though, inspiration struck me. No sooner had I resolved to screw the world and just go for the hash (my organising principle) than I realised the hash was actually quite close to the appealing Berry Springs and all day-goals could be accomplished. This being the case I arranged an entourage to collect me by car from the hash-point while I rode my bike there.

After a nice although somewhat dehydrating ride around Darwin Harbour I reached the hash-road. Locking my bike against a tree I ventured the 650m through the prescribed burnt-off bushland towards the hash, caking my legs in soot in the process. The terrain was varied and interesting, with spindly, dead trees, dry creek beds, soft mudlands and occasional stands of living pandanus presenting themselves as my environment. Soon the hash was achieved, photos taken and off-pissed - these things were done by me.

Popping off the hash-road I emerged onto the Stuart Highway, riding for a few kilometers before swinging into the Noonamah pub to await my folks and Kirstyn. We all went swimming in Berry Springs where no crocs were encountered. I drove the others and my bike home.

Here is the route that was taken. By me. For the geohash. This was yesterday.


Felix Dance earned the Bicycle geohash achievement
by cycling 48.7kms to the (-12, 131) geohash on 2014-03-04.
Geohash 2014-08-24 -12 131 02 Bike.JPG