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Sat 23 Aug 2014 in 52,0:
52.0215872, 0.0584295

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A field on a hillside near the village of Shaftenhoe End.



This expedition was planned out, and we even edited the wiki to reflect our intentions. We set off at about 3pm from central Cambridge with a huge box of snacks and an American football.


We drove the 20km there, mostly along the main road, and turned off successively smaller roads until the GPS reported we were a couple of hundred metres from the hashpoint. We gingerly scampered up the hill and got there at 3.50pm, in time for the official 4pm meetup. Exploring a little more, we found a badger hole, lots of chalk, a mobile phone mast, and other stuff. We were in a relatively big field with nice views from the hillside. A thin slice of woodland surrounded a ditch on the other side of the road.

We sat there for a bit eating crisps, Tunnock's teacakes and sweets, and talked about the possibility of going to another hashpoint only 8km away. Three planes flew above us at the same time. We ran down the hill and into the car.

We headed towards the other hashpoint in the doublehash.


(to appear)


(more to come)