2014-08-22 60 24

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Fri 22 Aug 2014 in 60,24:
60.0948647, 24.4858466

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In broad leaved forest which is prone to flooding. In Kirkkonummi municipality near Peuramaa golf.



After workday take a detour on the way back home.


On the way to the target a people's house was encountered. Usually these buildings have some memorabilia from Finnish wars nearby. This one was not an exception. A local told me that there is a plaque for the fallen soldiers inside.

Getting near the haspoint was not a problem, finding the right direction to approach proved a little bit difficult. Again I should have brought a map with me.. The first attempt was blocked by houses, second by a wide and full ditch.

Third attempt led to an electrified fence about 300 meters from the target. It was clear that the haspoint was located on a treeless pasture. After crossing fences and seeing no cattle around walking on the pasture was easy until the terrain started to turn wet and unstable. It was "necessary" to abandon shoes and trousers, this was not planned but I just happened to have a towel and a change of underclothes with me. After crossing few ditches the hashpoint was reached. The water in ditches was not particularly deep, at most knee-deep, but the bottom was kinda uneven.

Then it was just a walk back to the bicycle to dry my legs and start a journey back to home.

Animals encountered:

* 7 White tailed deers
* 100+ Canada gooses
* 1 Red fox
* 2 Raccoon dogs