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Mon 4 Aug 2014 in Cambridge, UK:
52.9723167, 0.8389808

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In a wild life haven close to the life boat station at Wells Next The Sea, Norfolk, UK.




This was an easy one. The destination was close to a car park and on a footpath, little used, but easily followed. Having a pathological aversion to paying for parking and as the car park gates get locked at dusk, Sourcerer parked about 2km away, in Wells, and walked back to the hashpoint arriving just after sunset. This was so easy to reach and in a seaside resort, it was a disappointment not to find an XKCD marker at the destination.

The expedition was fun though. At the Wells end of the walk there was a DJ was working a crowd with music from a decade ago. Quite up to date for Norfolk and right up my street. Nearer the hashpoint, the rave sounds faded away, replaced by jet engines from RAF Marham or one of the other local air force bases. In the gaps, sea birds could be heard.

There was a half moon waxing, adding to the atmosphere.


Expeditions and Plans

Cambridge, United Kingdom Sourcerer In a wild life haven close to the life boat station at Wells Next The Sea, ...
Hannover, Germany GeorgDerReisende The hash lay on a fieldway near Soltau-Tetendorf.

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