2014-08-03 38 -76

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Sun 3 Aug 2014 in 38,-76:
38.9887592, -76.3096274

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In a playing field of a Kent Island high school on Kent Island.


OfficeLinebacker (talk)OfficeLinebacker



  • On our way to this one. Near the athletic fields at Kent Island High School. -- OfficeLinebacker (talk) 11:48, 3 August 2014 (EDT)

Plan was to drive there, have lunch on Kent Island, and drive back.


I had the beautiful and lovely Allison with me, who is the light of my life and so indulgent of my geohashing whims.

So with the best companionship in the world, we set out. We drove out Route 50 and crossed the (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chesapeake_Bay_Bridge Chesapeake Bay Bridge). We looked up good places to eat and settled on Lovepoint Deli and I got a wrap and Allison got a sandwich.

We proceeded to the field, snapped our pic, and headed home.

We stopped at WaWa for coffee on the way home, and saw Sandy Point. It's a really striking scene because the sand is really orange. Allison and I think it's trucked in because it's such a vivid shade that doesn't match any natural beaches we've seen in the area.